kayakers racing in the New River Gorge Challenge
kayakers racing in the New River Gorge Challenge
racers meet
Howard Tidwell runnning to the finish line to win the 2008 New River Gorge Challenge
girl runner at New River Gorge Challenge

New River Gorge Challenge

Extreme Triathalon


Updated January 2, 2014


After a much needed break in 2013 the "Captain Thurmond's New River Gorge Challenge" is back! This years event is slated for Saturday, August 2nd as the 2012 course that incorporated the new Arrow Head trails. We received great feed back on incorporating these trails and even though it made the biking portion a little longer it really stepped up that leg of the race to bring it up to par with the Paddling and Running. So far we have opened up registration and set out to get all the ducks in a row to make this event happen. We are still waiting to hear back from some of our past sponsors and looking for new ones. The goal is to keep the event going and make it a fun SAFE time for all. We are expecting to see the Thurmond's Friends and Family Triathlon still go on this year. As soon as we know anything we will post a link on the site with more information.

Spread the word and sign up! Lets make and awesome comeback in 2014!

Adam Stephens

Marathon Bicycle Company